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Despite its small size, Turmi is a vital transport hub, lying at the pivot of the three main roads that run southwards from the Konso-Jinka road.

Best known for its Monday market, perhaps the most important in Hame country, Turmi is a markedly traditional small town, and well worth a couple of days whether or not they happen to coincide with the market.

Some small traditional Hamer villages lie within a 2km radius of Turmi town; any local kid will take you to one of them for a small fee.

Reaching Turmi is practically straightforward. If you are driving through the region, you could barely avoid the place, since all roads pretty much lead to it. At least one passenger truck will travel to Turmi from Konso via Weita and Arbore on most days, as well one truck from Key Afer via Dimeka.

This is not, though, written in stone – it is completely possible that you’ll have to wait around for a day before finding transport to or from Turmi. Visitors who come to Turmi used to be required to report to the police upon arrival.

Obviously, this is no longer the case, but a visitation fee of birr 50 is levied on all tourists – the guy who collects this fee will find you.

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